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At Rose Cottage Doggy Day Care and Luxury Doggy Hotel our philosophy is to provide a happy, healthy, stress-free experience for your canine companion and to provide them with a luxury boarding experience that feels just like home, with all the home comforts such as TV’s, heating, air conditioning, chill out lounge, agility paddock, splash pool and much more. We offer each pooch the freedom, love and security they have with you. We believe that socialisation is vital to the happiness of dogs, therefore we have a rule at RC where the dogs are only allowed in the kennels to sleep! After a day playing and socialising with our staff and other dog’s getting in their comfy bed is where they will want to be ready to have a great night’s sleep not howl and bark like traditional kennels! ‘We take the board out of boarding’.

Pet parents can rest assured that their fur baby is in a relaxing, fun and safe environment. Everything happens on site at RC so the added piece of mind is knowing your dog is not going anywhere else, we have everything they need and more right here even a grooming salon to get them looking their very best for when you return.

We know your pooch will not want to leave RC HQ and be barking for more!

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Grooming in Chesterfield

In our Doggy Hotel each room is fitted with air conditioning and heating so maximum comfort always.

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Kennels in Sheffield

No dogs in kennels throughout the day they are out socialising with other canine companions in designated areas of non-stop fun, agility paddock, TV room, chill out lounge and much more.

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Daycare in Rotherham

Routine health and maintenance checks of your dogs to keep them in tip top condition.

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Grooming in Sheffield

Bathing & grooming facilities available on site.

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Grooming in Rotherham

Travelling vet on call and registered with local vet located within 0.5 miles away.

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Daycare in Chesterfield

Loyal and reliable team members hand picked and fully trained in all aspects of dog care.

CRose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Daycare in Sheffield

All team members doggy first aid trained.

CRose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Daycare in Rotherham

Dogs monitored throughout the day by our dedicated staff.

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Monitoring in Chesterfield

CCTV and electric gate ensuring maximum security.

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Daycare in Chesterfield

Convenient for Chesterfield located next to the train station yet set inside 5.5 acres of beautiful countryside.

What People Say About Us

Meet the Team

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Hotels in Chesterfield


I am the owner of Rose Cottage Doggy Day care and luxury doggy hotel. I have several years of experience in the dog care sector, working alongside all different dog breeds and working alongside their owners to gain a better understanding of the care needs of their beloved pet in order for me to deliver the highest standard of care possible.

I’m passionate about dogs always have been all my life since I volunteered in a boarding kennels at the age of 13 and I got all the ‘poo jobs’ literally but I loved it!!

After studying dog behaviour and completing a grooming course and other dog related courses and working for other kennel owners I have a broad range of knowledge and I have applied this at RC. I only took the best bits from the other kennels. I empower my staff to work and think as I do. They are just as passionate about their roles with in RCas I am and they all strive daily to provide each and every dog with the love and care they all need.

We take the Board out of boarding by allowing all our dogs to be outside playing and socialising with other canine companions they are only in kennels to sleep! We have designed RC around the dogs desires to be free and the need for play in a safe secure environment monitored by trained loving staff. Here are my staff members and their take on RC. Please watch their video bio’s.

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Daycare in Chesterfield


‘Hi I’m Lewis, I have worked at RC since day one! I love what I do and couldn’t think of doing anything else. I initially come from an IT background and then I met Dawn whilst helping her fix her computer. Anyone who knows Dawn knows she deals with dogs not computer’s so this is my role within the business. I specialise in providing and managing all dog profile’s which include all the relevant information we require to meet council recommendations. I also am responsible for all invoicing and any other paperwork needed with in the business. I don’t only do the IT jobs I alongside other team members give in my opinion excellent dog care meeting the individual needs of each and every dog on site. I really admire Dawns ethos in that no dogs are in kennels all day they are all outside playing. I love my job!

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Daycare in Chesterfield


I am head of housekeeping and general maintenance I play a very important role in keeping everything safe for the dogs for example mending fences from a DIY background this really does suit me. Not only this I help turn my gaffa’s visions into reality this is where my job is interesting and diverse as we are always creating new play areas or something for the comfort of the dogs so I never know what the next task is, I do get to cuddle and play with some of our residents which I also enjoy it’s a very rewarding job seeing the dogs truly happy daily. We all want what’s best for the dogs and are passionate about what we do every day of the week.
Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Doggy Hotel in Sheffield


Hi I’m Gemma, I joined the Rose Cottage team in July 2019 and I have loved every minute since. My main role is to assist Dawn and Lewis in the office to ensure all paperwork and enquiries are up to date and dealt with in a timely manner. As well as working in the office I also offer any assistance needed to my colleagues working alongside the dogs with walking, bathing and feeding etc. I really do love my job, the fact that the dogs are not kept in all day really makes it a much happier place to be, for staff and doggy’s alike.

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Hotels in Sheffield


I love to work with dogs and wanted a career doing just that. I applied for a job at RC because I loved their ethos of allowing the dogs to play and socialise and have lots of freedom. Dawn and the rest of the team have created a great environment for all dogs to be happy and enjoy their days and nights in comfort, some of the kennels even have TV’s. I worked in other kennels before and never seen a set up like Rose Cottage. I have studied animal management at college and completed level two so this I know will help me in caring for all the dogs. I’m wanting to get into dog training and with Dawns help hopefully soon this will be another service we can offer at Rose Cottage.

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Hotels in Rotherham


Hi, I am Megan. I started working at Rose Cottage in 2019, however I have been working in kennels since I was 15. As I have been working in animal care for so long, it is my passion, so it makes me so happy seeing your four-legged companions running free and having fun. In my spare time I am a season ticket holder for Rotherham United ‘The Millers’. Nothing is better than being at the New York Stadium with a Meat and Potato Pie! When I am not looking after your pets, I am at home and look after my own fur babies. I have six Ferrets and four Cats! I still live with my family and I cannot have my own pooch yet, but I get my fair share of doggies here at Rose Cottage!

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare | Dog Daycare in Sheffield


Hi, I am Lisa, I am Yard Manager here at Rose Cottage. This means that it is my responsibility to make sure every doggy that comes through our gates has the best time possible, no matter how long their stay is for. This includes making sure they get enough exercise and are socialised in the correct packs of dogs to match their individual needs. I really love to see all the dogs meet up with their friends on a regular basis, as that special bond is built up, it makes me so happy. I love every dog; however, my passion is for Huskies. I love their high energy levels and love to see them running off the lead together. When I am not at work, I love to travel and see different cultures. I prefer to read a good book than watch TV, I find it so calming and relaxing. I have lots of my own animals to keep me busy after I have looked after your doggies all day. I have a couple of rescue Rabbits and three rescue cats that are all named after Alice and the Wonderland. This is not a job to me like Dawn the owner it is my passion, my purpose and I love it!

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