Q. Do you have a lot of experience in looking after dogs?
A. Yes we do! All dog breeds and size, years of hands on experience as well as knowledge on dog behaviour, grooming, first aid and much more.

Q. Will my dog be sat in a kennel all day?
A. Not at RC we can assure you all our dogs are out playing and socialising all day they only return to their kennels when its bed time after a fun and tiring day.

Q. Are you a licenced dog boarding kennels?
A. Yes we are licenced by the Local Authority to ensure we keep our high standards this is reviewed accordingly and we always strive to be the best with your dogs inter- ests always at heart!

Q. How often will you walk my dog?
A. We walk every dog daily on our grounds in a secure open space however you can also have piece of mind knowing the dogs get the use of our agility paddock, chill out lounge, TV room and orchard daily keeping their mind occupied and physical needs met all on site!

Q. Do I need to bring food for my dog?
A. We ask you to provide food if your dog has special dietary requirements that elimi- nates any upset tummy scenarios due to change of food.
We do however have in stock a dry kibble and wet if needed. We can accommodate raw food as we have fridges and freezers available on site too.

Q. I have a big dog will I be charged more?
A. No, we do not charge extra for our larger friends every dog regardless of size gets all the love and effection it needs at RC

Q. Can I bring my dogs favourite toy?
A. we provide all toys your dog could dream of and these are all neutral no aggres- sion over personal toys so im sorry we don’t allow personal toys, you can however send beds and blankets with the warm scent of home to relax your dog in the even- ing.

Q. Do you walk the dogs together?
A. Here at RC we take time to get to know your dog and we introduce them slowly to small packs so they can enjoy a group walk and the younger dogs can learn from their peers we don’t believe any dog should be on their own unless of course this iis what is best for your dog and what you advise.

Q. Do you keep the kennels clean?
A. We have strict cleaning regimes which aare adhered to daily in order to ensure your dog is kept in a clean and dry environment whilst with us the only time your dog will get wet with us is when they are outside and we get caught in a shower! We use Anistel a pet friendly cleaning product tried and tested by our very own vet only the best for RC doggies, we do not use bleaches or nasty chemicals and always ensure the kennels are dry and warm for when your dog goes to bed. Our paddocks and poo scoops are cleaned regular also so no cross contamination or doggy diseases at RC. Our kennels are so clean you could sleep in them.

Q. Can you collect my dog for me?
A. Yes we can, our pet taxi can collect and return your dog from anywhere local to us. Please book in advance for this service.

Q. Can you bath and trim my dog whilst I am away?
A. Yes we have fully qualified groomer who will be happy to come onsite and use our facilities to get your dog looking its very best for your return. We also givde your dog a wash and blow dry if they board over 7 days with us for free as a thank you from us for choosing RC.

Q. Can my 3 dogs stay together?
A. Yes if you wish we do have larger rooms available please ask for more details on booking.

Q. Can you clip my dogs nails whilst he is with you?
A. Yes no problem at all just ask when you book and we will be happy to help but please bare in mind we always do what’s best for your dog so if he or she is stressed at any point we will stop and let you know on collection.

Q. What vaccinations does my dog need before their stay with you?
A. Your dog needs to be vaccinated against Bordetella Bronchiseptica (kennel cough) before their stay with us, and also needs to be up to date with their yearly boosters a copy of your dogs vaccination card is needed for our records.

Q. What is kennel cough?
A. Bordetella Bronchiseptica, also known as ‘kennel cough’ is basically the common cold to dogs, and despite its name can be contracted wherever your dog comes into contact with other dogs – so as well as in kennels it can be caught at the vets, in the park etc. The vaccine for kennel cough is administered by your vet in the form of a nasal spray, and will last 12 months. While the vaccine will not prevent all types of coughs/flu ( just like the flu-jab for humans) it will protect your dog from the main strains. If your dog shows any signs of kennel cough we ask you to not board them or use our other services as it is highly infectious, any dogs sent will be isolated and asked to leave site in order to prevent the disease spreading. Please ask for more information should you require it.

Q. What time can I drop my dog off on the first day of their stay?
A. We are open for drop offs between 7am and 10am should you require morning a slot or between 4pm to 6pm if you require an evening slot
Sunday morning we allow our dogs a lie in bed and therefore you can collect be- tween 8am to 10am. Pm is same as weekdays.

Q. What do I need to bring with me when I drop off my dog?
A. All you really need is your dog(s), and their vaccination card, as well as any medi- cation they have been prescribed. We are able to provide all their food unless on a strict diet, however if your dog has a favourite blanket, toy or some special treats that you think your dog might enjoy while they are with us, then please feel free to bring them with you please label all food and treats and do not use plastic tubs we like to be user friendly so food bags with correct measure of food in can be popped in the rubbish easily after being emptied in to your dogs dish.

Q. What hours are you open for viewing the accommodation?
A. We do viewings by appointment only as we take the time to explain everything to you these can be booked in give us a call to see availability.

Q. Do I need to leave a deposit?
A. A non-refundable deposit of £50 for stays over 5 days is required on day of booking paid by cash or card rest of balance is due in full on first day of boarding via cash or card unless a monthly customer and therefore invoice will be sent out accordingly. Full Ts & Cs of payment information available upon request.

Q. How much notice do I need to book?
A. If you want to book a stay over the busy holiday periods then as much as possible, however please give us a ring and we will do our best to help whatever your circumstances.