Benefits of Vet Bedding

Benefits of Vet Bedding

Vet Bedding for Vets and Pet owners, authentic animal bedding the highest quality veterinary bedding for dogs and cats. Sold to professionals such as the veterinary trade, kennels and catteries. Vet bedding is machine washable at high temperatures and quick drying with benefits for both young and old animals. Giving excellent heat retention and unique drainage properties helping keep dry even after ‘little accidents’.

Our Vet Bedding is for Vets, pet professionals and Pet owners can be taken anywhere and is particularly good at aiding travel sick animals, it helps them to settle in a strange environment whilst keeping them warm and secure. Independent tests have proved that in spite of its luxurious feel Vet Bedding for Vets and Pet owners has tremendous strength and durability. Non-Slip backing, ideal for use in cars, pet baskets, polished flooring and tiles. Our Vet Bedding is not just being used by vets and kennel owners it has become widespread for domestic use and is the favourite choice for dog and cat owners in the UK and abroad.

Vet bedding is ideal for:

  • Younger Animals:
    Keeping them safe and warm, the special drainage properties ensure they stay dry and warm even in the event of an accident.

  • Older Animals:
    Enjoy a far higher degree of comfort and mobility with constant warmth from the heat retaining properties of the fibres.

  • Recuperating Animals:
    Vets recommend the product to Recuperating animals requiring hospitalisation or pre/ post operative care.

  • Birthing:
    Keeps the mother and baby warm and dry whilst retaining body heat, and reducing the risk of hypothermia. The texture gives comfort and security and encourages mobility in the younger by aiding grip.

Vet bedding offers owners higher bulk, greater resilience, unique drainage properties and superb heat retention makes it distinct from all other dog beds on the market

Vet bedding is perfect bedding for all pets, traditionally it is used as bedding for dogs and cats, but it is also the most hygienic form of bedding for smaller pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. It can be used in the home as well, particularly useful for protection with children or elderly patients.

It is called vet bedding as the traditional and original use of the fabric was by vets for bedding for animals post operation. Vets use and recommend vet bedding because it is:

  • Warm and cosy for your pet, vet bedding is heat retaining
  • Washable for always clean bedding, dries fast
  • Drains moisture away, so your pet is never left to sleep on a wet surface
  • Double strength polyester, this artificial fabric Inhibits bacteria so no nasty bugs grow
  • Safe fibre, non-toxic, non-allergenic and allows air permeability
  • Strong fibre, will wash time and time again without deterioration
  • Perfect for transporting and travelling

Vet bedding is particularly useful for:


  • Young pets, keeps them dry when toilet training
  • Older pets, constant warmth and comfort for aging muscles and bones, dry bed
  • Post op pets, warm dry bed
  • Expectant and nursing pets, keeps everyone warm and dry, comfortable and soothing fibre


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