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What is DogLand??

Disney Land, Flamingo Land, Digger Land all places for your family to enjoy right?!

We created Dog Land for the pawfect place to send your dogs to play and socialise for the day or even have a holiday!

We have built a strong reputable brand built on pride and we grow on trust! We not only offer a 5 star daycare and a luxury dog hotel we have also brought to market doggy products that canines, owners, and dog businesses will love!!  Our best selling product is baby powder deodoriser so you never have a stinky dog again! Visit to get yours now!!

Dog Land will soon be a franchise model which will enable other dog lovers who want a career change to enjoy the lifestyle we all do at Rose Cottage.  We don’t class our work as a job its a lifestyle that we are passionate about! Joining our franchise will guarantee you never get fed up of going to work.  Dogs are so rewarding! 

We aim to revolutionise care in the canine community by using technology and innovation. This is Dog Lands mission!

As part of the mission, we are currently developing a new App suitable for Android and IOS.  The app has exciting new features not seen before.  Benefitting both dog owners and people who own doggy related businesses.  The app is exciting and fresh will be user friendly and will build unbreakable bridges between consumer and businesses.  Not to be missed this exciting new development is guaranteed to take the canine community by storm!!   

More updates coming soon, don’t miss your chance to be part of next level dog care!! Register contact details below so we can keep you in the pack! 

To pre-register interest then email us and we will send you updates shortly. 

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