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We have two fields available for hire… A larger 8ft fenced field allowing dogs to run free without the fear of them escaping or the 6ft fenced agility field. This is smaller in size and has slightly lower fencing so if your dog can jump 6 ft fences you may be better off hiring our bigger field with 8ft fencing around the perimeter.

Our fields are self service so please use the poop scoop and bins provided.

You can hire either of our fields to let your dogs have a good run around off lead safe in the knowledge they cant escape!!

Terms & Conditions for XL Bully owners



To comply with the upcoming government regulations effective January 31st, there are a few essential rules we kindly ask you to follow-


  • Registration and Certificates – please ensure your dog is registered with the Index of Exempted Dogs (IED) A copy of the life certificate is required before entry.
  • Insurance Coverage- Provide a copy of the public liability insurance certificate for your dog before utilizing the field.
  • Handler Responsibility – The dog-to-handler ratio is 1:1 with its designated handler who must be over the age of 18. We do not allow more than 1 dog in the field at any one time and if you have more than one dog you must book the field out for two different sessions.
  • Neutering Requirements- Dogs must be neutered according to government regulations.
  • Private Property – Our field is private with no public access. Please respect this boundary
  • Security Measures- The field is securely fenced with Security Cameras.
  • Entry Protocol- Please park in the small layby next to the field. Please check the area is clear of any other dogs.  Keep your dog on a lead and must be muzzled from within car until the gate is closed and locked.
  • Exit Protocol- Similarly please ensure with our staff by calling the office that the car park is clear to exit, put your dog back on the lead and muzzled before the gate is unlocked and opened.
  • Enjoy Secure play- once inside the secure field, you may remove the lead and muzzle for your dog’s playtime.  


When using the Agility field please park in the Layby opposite the field. When using the 8ft big field please park in our main carpark. Please note you park your vehicle at your own risk.

The safety of you and your dogs while in our fields is your responsibility. You are also liable for any damage caused by you or your dog while using our fields.

Did you know we have an onsite shop?

We have our very own onsite shop with a range of natural dog treats to aid with training, dog beds, leads, and much more please feel free to have a look around, this is the grey building located in the bottom carpark. For any assistance please call into the office next to the suds station. You can also view our shop at 

Please read the below Terms & Conditions:

Please note bookings need to be done 48 hours in advance of the date you require. 

Also, we do require all dogs to be fully vaccinated against the following vaccinations, Lepto, DHP, and Kennel Cough before attending the premises. Please email a copy of your dog(s) up-to-date vaccination card to this ensures that all dogs attending Rose Cottage are safe, and healthy and reduces the spread of infections.

Please note all Field bookings are non-refundable.


 30 Minutes1 Hour
1-3 Dogs£9.00£12.00
4-6 Dogs£12.00 £18.00
7-10 Dogs£24.00£36.00

When booking one of our fields why not add a £5 treat bag this will encourage training in the Agility to jump over the ramps plus help with recall training. Just tick the box on the booking form if you would like to add this and we will have it ready for when you arrive.

Suds Station 

After you have used one of our fields why not hire out the Suds Station.  You will have access to our Groomers bath, and pet dryer plus all our products to clean your mucky pup. To hire please click the suds station link at the top of this page.

If you would like to bring a friend, please do. However, please be mindful that if you bring more than the allocated dogs on the booking form, on the day you will be charged accordingly on the day so please choose wisely what option applies to you at the time of booking.

Are you a dog walker? Dog trainer or agility enthusiast… Call us for a personalised quote!