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Here at Rose Cottage we take care of dogs of all ages starting from the young age of 16 weeks.

Puppies are like babies they are constantly learning in the early days, but they do rely on their owners to learn, guide, and discipline them.

We do all the above as well as allowing them to feel safe and secure whilst playing and socialising with other dogs. This is very important for puppies and socialisation must be done slowly and carefully as it is the beginning of the making of a well-balanced dog who grows up to live a very happy and healthy life.

In the early days it can be so stressful, and their disobedience becomes a pain and lots of puppies get themselves into trouble with chewing and other bad behaviour usually because of boredom.

We allow pups to be free yet have boundaries and experience the valuable knowledge the older dogs tend to share with them once they have settled in and found their feet. Again, imperative to ensure your pup grows to be a well socialised canine who all other dogs and owners want to be around. A pup that can play and be free yet have the discipline and security is on the right tract to becoming a man’s best friend!!

Let us tire them out, meeting all your dog’s needs mentally, socially, and physically then there will be no destructive behaviour as they will be far too tired for that!!!

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