Chewing and your dog

Many of us know that our dogs chew – especially when they end up chewing our slippers or furniture.

But did you know, that chewing actually brings a lot of benefits to your dog.


Chewing Helps Your Dog’s Teeth

By scraping their teeth against a tough surface, such as a natural dried chew, they are scraping off the plaque that’s on their teeth. What’s more chewing stimulates your dog’s salivary glands to produce saliva, which helps to shift any lingering bacteria from the surface of your dog’s teeth.

This helps to reduce tartar build up, promoting shiny white teeth, and it even has a direct knock-on effect on their heart health by reducing the chances of cardiovascular disease down the line. On top of this, you’re less likely to be subjected to pongy dog breath in the mornings


Chewing Is A Core Need For Your Dog

Chewing is a natural behaviour, which means every dog feels an instinctive need to chew – and not doing so can be bad for their well-being. This is why it’s so common for dogs to start chewing things they’re not supposed to.


Chewing Helps Your Dog Feel Calm

If there was one thing I could tell every dog owner out there, it’s that encouraging your dog to chew can actually relieve their stress and help them to feel calm. This is down to the chewing behaviour releasing a cocktail of calming hormones into their brain, including dopamine and serotonin – which are also known as the happy hormones!

So, if you know your dog is having a tough time (maybe you’re in the process of moving house, a member of the family has moved away, or it’s the run up to firework season), try giving them a chew to help them out. This is also a really great way to bring their energy levels down: for example, if you have a dog who seems to have even more energy after their walk, try giving them a chew instead of playing games with them. Chances are, that will help them to regulate their energy levels and settle down for a chilled out morning!


Chewing Is A Great Boredom Buster

If it’s too hot to walk your dog, or the weather is putting even them off of stepping outside, you need ways to keep your dog occupied. Giving them a chew is a great way to do this, as it gives them something to think about whilst staying relaxed and calm.

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