Keep your dog cool

Coming into summer – how to keep your dog cool

Coming into summer – how to keep your dog cool

Summer is coming…

Coming into summer – how to keep your dog cool.  Many of us love the warm weather, I know.  However, it can cause havoc with our dogs.  It is really important we understand how the excess heat can affect our dogs.  

I also want to share tips with you, to help you look after your dog!

Keeping your dog cool – here’s some quick tips 

  • Never leave your dog in a car or a hot place without ventilation!
  • Never give your dog cold water to drink on a hot day this can cause hyperthermia always use water at room temperature.
  • Try freezing carrots in your dog’s water dish that can be licked not gulped to avoid hyperthermia and the reward is the carrot.  Keeps your dog hydrated and occupied
  • Dogs sweat through their paws, so, allow them to lay or walk on a cool floor to naturally cool the body slowly. 
  • Chilling mats are great!
  • Monitor exercise in hot weather allow valuable rest time in cool shade.  

Let’s look in a little more detail…

Don’t let your dog get dehydrated on warm days

Our vets see a lot of cases of heat stroke during the summer months.  Many of these are very serious and some end in tragedy.

One of the saddest aspects of this is heat stroke is easily avoidable if proper precautions are taken.

Circulate cool air

Open the windows, turn on a box fan or keep the air conditioning at a reasonable temperature.

Your dog will appreciate having a cool place to relax indoors if it’s scorching outside.

Keep dogs out of conservatories and greenhouses

These areas can get dangerously hot even when it may only feel mild outside.

Bear in mind that there are no cooling breezes inside these sun traps and they magnify the heat.

Never leave dogs in a parked car

Temperatures inside cars can reach astronomical levels on a warm summer’s day.

It can take just 15 minutes for a dog to start overheating. 

Leave a bowl of water out for your dog to drink from

It’s common sense but you should check your dog’s water bowl regularly and fill it up whenever it’s low.

If you take your dog for a long walk, please remember to pack water and a bowl to ensure they doesn’t overheat and suffer dehydration.

Try giving your dog cool snacks

If you are at home or out in the garden try giving your dog a few ice cubes to lick.  Or, freeze one of his favourite chew toys or like mentioned above, some frozen carrots are a big favourite.

Watch when you exercise

Make sure your dog doesn’t play too hard while in the sun.

During particularly hot spells walk them early in the morning or later in the evening.

Make sure they take breaks between playing.  This includes swimming, particularly if your dog doesn’t venture into the water regularly. Swimming in a safe place can be fun but overdoing it can cause exhaustion or low blood sugar. 

Check the pavement

On very warm days, there is a risk the pavement may be too hot for your dog’s paws.

It’s worth checking the tarmac before you head out for a walk.

If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.  If that is the case stick to grass.

Ensure there’s a shaded spot

If there are no naturally occurring shaded spots in your garden or home we need to try and create some.

This can be done by placing some cloth or cardboard over an area to keep the sun out.

Spray them with the hose or put out a paddling pool

If you’re using a paddling pool for your dog, remember to test the temperature.

It takes a lot longer for water to warm up than it does the surrounding air.

When water is too cold it can cause dogs to become hypothermic.  Be extremely careful here…

Avoid long car journeys

If you decide to take your dog in the car, make sure the air conditioning is on or the windows are open.

Also, take plenty of water and regular breaks for fresh air.

Prevent sunburn

Don’t forget dogs are susceptible to sunburn, particularly those with white ears and noses.  

This can lead to painful blistering and sores, and long-term exposure can lead to skin cancers.

It is possible to buy pet sunscreen to apply to the hairless areas on the end of the ears and nose.

It’s also advisable to keep white-faced dogs indoors during the heat of the afternoon.

What we recommend

If you are unsure on anything then speak to our staff and we would happily make recommendations to you.

Stay safe

If you want to treat your dog, there are sooo many safe ways you can.  Healthy dog treats are available from us and we would love to help you look after your dog and keep them safe.  But spoilt all at the same time!

Until next time… 

Join me again for top tips and  information on your dogs health.  Look after your fur babies.


Dawn, Lilly and Tucker 🐾

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