puppy pee pads

Everything your puppy needs…

Everything your puppy needs…

Do you know what to get for you gorgeous new puppy?

I have compiled a list of everything your puppy needs.  This way you know exactly what you need to get and why…

Have a little read. 

These Items are the first things you should get for your puppy before you even pick up your



This is a pretty simple essential where you will keep your dog’s name tag and any additional tags your pup might need.

A good rule of thumb to make sure the collar isn’t too tight is to make sure you can fit two fingers under it.✅

Harness and Leash

A common  mistake is getting a collar that is too big!

Pups can almost slip out of the collar when they are out on first one of his first potty breaks if the collar is too big!❌

Personal preference applies with using a harness and adapt as your pup grows or using a clip lead to their collar! Your choice!!

Treats and Food

While your pooch is a puppy try to get him a mix of hard and soft treats and treats and food that are specifically designed for dogs.

We highly recommend raw food.


Not everyone likes to crate train, but in my opinion it is essential.

 An important tip for picking a crate is that it shouldn’t be too big. Your pup should be able to turn around comfortably, but you don’t want him to be comfortable having accidents in there.💩


With all of the biting that puppies come with, you’ll want to have lots of toys on hand to redirect them and guide them to appropriate play.

You’ll also want an assortment of fun and interesting toys so your pup doesn’t get bored and resort to chewing your favorite pair of shoes or headphones.

Grooming Supplies

Whether your dog is long hair or short hair you will want the supplies to keep them looking good!🐶🐩

Flea and Tick Medication and Heartworm

This is basically mandatory for your pup’s health figure out which treatments will work best for your dog. Heartworm treatment requires a prescription from your dog’s vet but you can get flea and tick medication in bulk once your dog’s weight has stabilised. Consult your vet to make the best decision!❤️

Puppy training pee pads

These can be a lifesaver especially if you have carpet!✅

Not everyone recommends training with these (we recommend washable pee pads)

puppy pee pads

Food and water dishes

These are essential because clearly, your new dog will need something to eat and drink out of!🐶

Bowels that can easily go into the dishwasher are fab…

Personalised dog bowl holders make a great gift… Just a thought!

Towels and beds

Designated towels for wiping paws or drying your pup after it rains are essential!

Paw prints should be left on our hearts not our clean carpets 😂

Have a look at these fabulous dog beds.

Poo bags and bag holder

Pro tip: Buy these in bulk!🐾

You will go through so many of these.

Use scented bags that are eco-friendly to help mask the smell.✅

Car seatbelt harness

Securing your dog whilst you drive is now a law in the UK.

Some people prefer to have their pet in a travel crate while they’re in the car.✅

Some dogs generally do well riding in the seat and are comfortable doing so.

The seatbelts clip on nicely to the pups harness and stops him from falling out of the seat when the driver presses on the breaks! 🚙

Buy here


It’s nice to just have a fleece blanket dedicated for your pup.

They can cuddle with it and mark their scent on it.

It is also good for travel so they can be comfy in the car.

What we recommend

If you are unsure on anything then speak to our staff and we would happily make recommendations to you.

Stay safe

If you want to treat your dog, there are sooo many safe ways you can.  Healthy dog treats are available from us and we would love to help you look after your dog and keep them safe.  But spoilt all at the same time!

Until next time… 

Join me again for top tips and  information on your dogs health.  Look after your fur babies.


Dawn, Lilly and Tucker 🐾

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