How agility paddocks benefit your dog

Agility paddocks benefit your dog

What do we mean by agility?

Dog agility involves the dog negotiating obstacles on a course.  Agility paddocks benefit your dog in soooo many ways!

This can be done just by the dogs natural instincts or being guided round by the handler using verbal and visual commands.

It is just for competing…  

The difference between ‘Fun Agility’ and ‘Competition Agility’ is that with Fun Agility there’s no pressure involved to be fast or fabulous!

The main purpose is for the dogs to have fun, burn energy, feel a sense of achievement, improve their confidence.  It can also be a great way to enhance your communication and bond with your dog. 

It’s a recreational sport for you and your dog to enjoy together or, like I said, your dog can use their natural instincts.

All dogs can benefit from agility paddocks

Fun Agility is for all dogs!!  Large and small, young and old.  They learn at their own pace and also have great fun doing so! 

There’s no negative reprimanding at all… it is run by positive reinforcement only.

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The overall benefits of Fun Dog Agility

  • It’s great exercise (both physically and mentally)
  • It can be a great activity to channel some instinctive behaviours.
  • It helps with their confidence and focus.
  • It strengthens the bond and communication between you.
  • Agility is GREAT FUN for both of you!!
  • It allows the dogs to enjoy the challenge and achievement no matter how slow or fast their learning capacity is.

Dogs need exercise

Being in an agility paddock is a great way for your dog to burn energy and it is so much fun for them.  Both mentally and physically!!

Keeping your dog fit is one of the best things you can do for their health.

Here at Rose Cottage

Many places charge extra or you have to book an agility paddock.  Here at Rose cottage it is included in our day care and I can tell you, personally, that the dogs love it.  

Here at Rose Cottage, we understand how important it is to utilise your dogs energy and let them have so much fun at the same time.  You know we try to provide everything to keep your dog happy.  If agility is not for them, then we also have our extremely popular Field of Freedom available to hire.

Until next time… 

Join me again for top tips and  information on your dogs health.  Look after your fur babies.


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