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How to stop your dog pulling

How to stop your dog pulling

Enjoy walking your dog?

A walk with your dog can be a soothing time spent with your dog or it can be a battle for control.

The way your dog acts when he’s on leash can cause serious problems.  They can end up pulling on the lead and this behaviour can be problematic, but there can be a solution.

Once you understand why your dog does the undesirable behaviour, you can redirect him to a more constructive alternative.

What is pulling on the lead

Your dog strains at the lead, nearly choking himself.  This may be the way your dog habitually walks or perhaps the pulling only happens at the beginning of the walk or at the end?

Why it happens…

Dogs naturally want to pull against pressure rather than giving into it.

Your dog learns that when he pulls, he is more likely to get where he wants to go and to get there faster.

Dogs who pull have little connection with the human on the other end of the lead; they’re only interested in what’s in front of them.

How to change it

Gain control by only allowing your dog to move forward when the lead is loose.  As soon as your dog pulls hard enough to make the lead tight, stop in place and wait for a loose leash before continuing forward.

For dogs who are especially resistant to change, use a verbal marker like “oops” to mark when the lead becomes taut and then change direction with a gentle pull (no jerking) that hinders any forward motion.

When a dog is pulling to get to something

For example, like sniffing a bush or going into the dog park, only allow forward movement while he is on a loose lead.

In addition, carry treats to reward your canine every time he checks in and turns his head toward you or even in your direction.  This increases your dog’s awareness of your presence and teaches him that looking at you is more rewarding than looking around him.

Teach and reward a heel on lead or walking aligned next to you.  Your entire walk doesn’t need to be a heel, though, loose lead walking allows your dog to explore and sniff.  This is important for their mental health.  

Of course their is another option… a figure of 8!

I explain here how to stop your dog from pulling.  Watch this video for my top tip…

How to do a figure of 8 with a slip lead

Easier just to watch the video

But slip leads need to go on as a figure of 8 to stop them pulling.  You do that by putting the lead around their neck as normal.  Then, pulling the bottom down under their chin and creating a figure of 8 and pulling over the mouth.

I demonstrate it better than I can write it.  Watch the video. 

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Stay safe

If you want to treat your dog, there are sooo many safe ways you can.  Healthy dog treats are available from us and we would love to help you look after your dog and keep them safe.  But spoilt all at the same time!

Until next time… 

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