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Why Rose Cottage don’t take puppy’s under 16 weeks!!


This is an X-ray of a 2-week-old puppy, recently posted on social media and I felt the need to share via our website along with an explanation as to why we don’t accept pups under 16 weeks.


Take a Look at how far the bones have to grow before they become a proper bony joint! This is a serious gap.  Like baby’s have soft skulls until the bone forms it is the same for puppies.


This is why you should never let young puppies jump, walk up/downstairs, exercise or excessive training.  Most of the things we do at day care involve physical activity like these described!!  Doing too much impact activity at a young age will cause serious issues later in life, or even at a young age as hip dysplasia and other orthopaedic conditions. That’s why we don’t allow this!  Please do accept our sincere apologies for turning away young pups from day care at Rose Cottage but we really do care about the health and well-being of each dog and do what’s best for each dog!


Please remember if you are getting a puppy you need to plan ahead in order to give your puppy the very best life.  A strategy in place for its care including day care or boarding if needed and especially a visit to the groomer as and when required.  A puppy is for life!


Hope you found this article helpful…. Our next blog is about the dilemma of dogs being neuted or not neuted!!


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