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Raw Dog Food vs Dry Dog Food

Raw Dog Food vs Dry Dog Food


There are many opinions on raw dog food.  Here at Rose Cottage we believe it is the best food you can feed your dog.  We have put together some reasons behind Raw Dog Food vs Dry Dog Food.

Why raw dog food as opposed to dry?

It works from the inside out, and you will soon be able to notice a difference in the wellbeing of your dog.

Their coat and skin will start to show signs of improvement and soon be in excellent condition with continuous use. Their teeth are whiter and stronger.

Popular dog foods that are on the market are either tinned food or different types of branded biscuits/kibble.  If you take time out to read the ingredients you will see that tinned food is made up mainly of moisture and dry biscuits/kibble is mainly carbohydrates, plus both of them have a long list of chemicals and additives, therefore we believe raw wins over dry every time.

Dogs are from the wolf family

Dogs originally come from the wolf family, and their digestive system are not designed to digest carbohydrates.

Raw food has no chemicals or additives or carbohydrates in it, and therefore you will also see a difference in your dog’s toilet habits. Instead of going several times during the day they will only go once, maybe twice at the very most, as when eating raw food there is not much waste, they are keeping all the goodness inside of them. Eventually your dog’s waste may be minimal and chalky in texture.


Your dog will be much more satisfied after each meal and will not be hunting around for more food. Any dog no matter what size or breed can eat raw food, it’s just the portion sizes will differ, there is no set rule on how much to feed each individual dog, we believe it would be decided on how big your dog is and how much energy they burn off as opposed to one rule fits all. Everyone who has ever switched their dog slowly to a raw food diet, wishes they had done it earlier as they can see the benefits of it check out our Facebook page for our very own customer reviews It’s that good we are now a stockist of it…

We all want what’s best for our dog and this is a really good way to help your dog maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Which flavours do we have available for you?

We have a variety of Raw food flavours we have an economy and a deluxe range. We have listed some of the favourite flavours below.

Each block is 454 grams in weight.  Click here to order online.

  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Duck and Tripe
  • Chicken and Tripe
  • Chicken and Beef
  • Turkey
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