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Rope vs Squeak

Dogs of all ages enjoying playing with squeaky toys. All dogs seem to love the high pitch squeaky sound that flash coloured latex toys make. Catching the dog’s attention, the high-pitched noise keeps the toy interesting and fun. Ideal for dog obedience training, a small squeaky toy can be useful to keep in your pocket when training a dog to sit and focus on you. Most latex squeaky toys are easily washable, therefore very versatile however the argument lies are they durable enough to sustain growing teeth that love to chew to soothe the pain??

Rope toys are made with tightly knotted cotton ensuring sustainability, they can also include tennis balls and rubber balls and even handles attached to them for extra stimulation. They come in all different shapes and sizes and colours however the most important thing to remember is choose one that does not completely fit into your dog’s mouth because they may choke or ingest it. When playing rough with a rope toy which is what they are designed for please do bare in mind that if you allow your dog to win a game of rough tug of war this can create a false sense of confidence and the dog may try to become more dominant in other situations and try to take the alpha role. This can include taking an alpha role with its owners as well as other dogs and therefore this can cause stress and complications. Puppies can enjoy rope toys too but just make sure you soak them in cold water to soften the rope to prevent any damage to their baby teeth.

Overall here at Rose Cottage we prefer the rope toys used in an appropriate manner and only used under strict supervision. We feel they are safer for dogs to play with than the squeaky toys. We use rope toys of all sizes however we do not tend to use the ones with balls or handles attached as these can easily be damaged when in use daily. Also, we like rope toys because we can wash them daily at the end of the day and they can be reused by other dogs the next day and due to that eliminating any personal scent dogs then do not become over protective about their toys.

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