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Why we don’t take ALL breeds at Rose Cottage

Why we don’t take ALL breeds at Rose Cottage

What do you mean, you don’t take all breeds?

Let me explain, why we don’t take ALL breeds at Rose Cottage…  I know it may sound harsh but there are reasons, I promise.  

It is NOT because we don’t love ALL dogs!  Believe me we do.


As you know, not ALL dog breeds are the same.  That is what makes them soooo special.

However, here at Rose Cottage, we run things differently to most traditional kennels and doggy day care centres.

WE have the dogs best interests at heart

We are licensed by the Local Authority and this is to set standards for the industry.  It ensures we keep our high standards and this is reviewed accordingly.

We always strive to be the best with your dogs interests always at heart!

Dogs run free within the areas of Rose Cottage

Here at Rose Cottage, we allow dogs to run free in each area, so they are not locked in kennels all day.  You don’t come to Rose Cottage and find dogs barking all day.

We want ALL our dogs, that we look after, to be happy.  In order to do this, we have to be careful.

Before we take any dog we always do trial days to ensure the dog is suitable.  It is like we do checks on all dogs, before letting them stay.

All breeds are not the same

Now, I know, even the same breed of dogs can vary in temperament.  However, some breeds have traits that just don’t suit the way Rose Cottage is run.

This is a shame, but we have to make sure every dog is safe and this is why the trial is so important.

Before you say it…

I know, just because some dog breeds can have a reputation, it does not mean they are guaranteed to behave a certain way.  However, dogs have protective instincts and some of these are just natural.  I know not all will behave along with the reputation of the breed, but we cannot put other dogs at risk.

This is just how we have to work, here at Rose Cottage.  However we will always recommend somewhere we believe your dog will enjoy.

Ok, I hear you ask, so which breeds to we not accept

We are transparent and honest with our customers.  So, we are upfront from the start.  I understand how protective and loyal you are to your babies and it really isn’t personal.  

Due to the nature of how we operate our business we must be selective with the breeds of dogs we take for Day Care and Boarding at our centre. But, unfortunately, here are the breeds we don’t take at Rose Cottage:

Trial day

We require every new dog to do a trial day care or boarding stay and then you will receive a full report within 48 hours of how we feel your dog has settled.

Please do not be disappointed if we refuse your dog entry to Rose Cottage, rest assured we have the dog’s best interests at heart.

Lots of Love

I hope that has given you some food for thought.  Learn more about us here at Rose Cottage.

Lots of Love, as always

Join us next time for more top tips on your beautiful dogs and their healthy foods and treats

Dawn, Lilly and Tucker

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