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Why we love the dog industry!

Why we love the dog industry!

We love what we do

Why we love the dog industry! We love what we do.  Today has been a super busy day!!  We have been none stop.

From looking after your beautiful doggies, to making sure all of our raw treats have been ready for collection too.  Our raw treats are proving to be a massive success right now.  You know we only offer the best for your dogs, and of course our own!!

What do we do?

Ok so we open the doors here at Rose Cottage  at 7am, now you all know our day doesn’t start there, but that is when our gates open.  We are busy way before that, making sure we are set up and await your fabulous doggies, to make sure they have the best time in our care.

Now that is not to say that some times we are half asleep and coffee in hand but our gates are open and we are ready!

It is not always that simple

The job may appear fairly simple to the naked eye; you get to play with dogs all day!  Not quite.  As many of our  clients already know we offer dog daycaredog grooming, and boarding services.

Our clients entrust us with one of if not their most prized and loved companions.  It is s a huge responsibility.

Although the job isn’t simple, our goal at Rose Cottage is.  We want to create a welcoming environment, built on the foundation of quality service, top grooming skills, and trust.

We are sure you have heard it all before

I am sure many companies claim that customer satisfaction is important and they want to make sure you are happy and I can only speak for ourselves, but, we really and truly want all of our customers to be happy with their experience at Rose Cottage.

WE pride ourselves on putting your doggies needs first.  We love your dog the way you do!  This is why we are always making changes and improvements to Rose Cottage, to make sure we stay ahead of the game and always striving to make sure your dog has THE best experience ever!

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Talk to us

If a client is unhappy with our service we really take it to heart.  I guess that happens when you’re giving it all you’ve got.  I’ve actually lost sleep if on the very rare occasion a client has been unsatisfied.  This is not something that really happens as we do our upmost to take care of our clients and their beloved doggies. 

Often issues can be down to miscommunication… isn’t that often the case?  So if there ever was an occasion you were slightly dissatisfied, we urge you to speak to us, as we are sure we can resolve it.

The flip side

Now, on the flip side of things, you wouldn’t believe how genuinely happy we are when a client leaves satisfied!  There are many high fives behind the scene after a client’s left our premises because they gave us a compliment or left with a smile on their face.  This means soooo much and we thank you for this.

We love getting to know everyone and their dogs.  Not only is it essential to get to know and understand each dog and their individual personality in order to create as peaceful a day care environment as possible, but it is also a pleasure to watch dogs develop socially.

We often will see dogs who are initially timid quickly develop into fun-loving playful trouble makers 😉.  WE LOVE THIS!!

We love seeing our customers walk away after learning something new about their dog, or learning a new health tip.  It feels great being able to really help someone out.  We are always available for advice during business hours 🙂, whether it be our amazing staff on the yard, our brilliant office/admin team or my wonderful and knowledgeable daughter Lilly.

Many roles

There are many roles we have to play throughout the work day at Rose Cottage.  I am pleased to say we have an amazing team, who are all ready to chip in and help each other.  So between us, we end up being hosts, receptionists, janitors (ewww), accountants, marketing executive, dog behaviourists, dog groomers, handy men/women, computer technicians, sales reps, scheduling coordinators, managers, trouble shooters, friends, allies, sounding boards and on the odd occasion we can even be a dog chew toy!

I’m sure that I left some of the duties out, but you get the gist.  But do you know what we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Our team is what moves us forward.  We share the same values and everyone has Rose Cottage’s ethos at heart.  This is what is important and we have to be singing from the same hymn sheet, so to speak!

The end of the day

The dogs’ owners will come in at the end of their individual work days, one by one, and one of our team is their say hello and goodbye.  After all of this, we begin to close down the Rose Cottage Doggy Day Care ready to start all of it again tomorrow.  Everything is cleaned and disinfected, cash out and counted and finally turn off all of the electronics.

We will usually do a quality check after all of these stages and if everything looks good we can turn off all of the lights and lock up.

As soon as the door is locked I leave the world of Rose Cottage behind me and spend much needed quality time with my family.  

It is never a short day at Rose Cottage, always eventful and always one I love.

Always Grateful

I thank all of our amazing customers from the bottom of my heart for making my working days as enjoyable as possible.  This is just a snippet in the day of Rose Cottage, as many of you know.

Join me again for top tips on raw food and why it is so important for your dogs health.


Dawn, Lilly and Tucker

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